Forall Green - Environmental Sustainability

It is estimated that Forall Phones has already saved 1M euros to its customers!

Our mission goes far beyond making premium technology accessible to everyone, but also create environmental responsibility and consumer awareness for the planned obsolescence of technology . We do this by giving a second life to mobile phones. We operation in a circular economy that seeks to take advantage of the technological remnants and save consumers money. Find out more about the origin of our equipment in this video.

International studies indicate that most smartphones have a lifespan of about 7 years but, most people do not use them for more than 18 months. More than saving money, opting for refurbished smartphones also lets you fight against technological waste. By giving a second-life to these all functioning devices and lowering pollution levels, Forall Phones contributes to a more sustainable development of the environment.

Forall Phones joins ICNF for reforestation of Leiria Pinewood Florest

During this initiative, Forall Phones joined forces with the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forestry (ICNF) to reforest Leiria Pinewoods Forest. For each smartphone sold at Forall Phones there was a return of 10 trees in the Leiria Pinewood Forest. This is one of the areas most affected by the fires in Portugal and a compatriot location of the origins of Forall Phones (Ourém).

Some Curious Facts:

20 to 50 million tons of electronic equipment are scattered worldwide. Enough to fill 125 thousand 747 planes.

Smartphones contain metals such as cobalt, copper, gold and chemical elements such as lithium.

The so-called e-waste generated 41.8 million tons in 2014 and 65.4 million tons worldwide in 2017.